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David W. Marshall teaches environmental landscape management for the University of Florida IFAS Extension in Leon County he writes: 

 Fertilizer can be a good thing. Fertilizers contain nutrients that plants need to grow. A typical fertilizer contains N (nitrogen)-P (phosphorus)-K (potassium), in that order. Those are the three numbers in a fertilizer analysis. A 5-10-15 fertilizer, for example, contains 5% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 15% potassium.

Excess fertilizer can be a bad thing, much as excess food can cause us health problems. We need to be careful not to apply fertilizer nutrients that aren’t really needed. We also need to try and apply fertilizer nutrients in the ratios that do our plants the most good.


Many fertilizers that are sold give plants too high of nitrogen to potassium ratio. A perfect example is the 27-3-3 lawn fertilizers that are sold. That’s 9:1 nitrogen to potassium ratio! Too much nitrogen over too short a period of time can result in excessive vegetative growth on plants. Excessive vegetative growth makes us mow and prune more often and can lead o secondary problems such as increased disease and insect pest susceptibility. Fertilizers such as 27-3-3 also lack sufficient potassium. Potassium is needed for strong cell walls in plants. Strong cell walls help increase plant hardiness, such as cold hardiness or drought hardiness. 


Many fertilizers also supply more phosphorus than we need. Many of our Florida soils already have adequate phosphorus available to plants. So phosphorus deficiency is a rare problem. If we apply excess phosphorus, it can run off into our storm water and on into our lakes. There it stimulates excessive algae and plant growth and can result in fish kills. So the excess fertilizer we apply in our yards becomes a water-pollution problem.

Considering these factors, a 15-0-15 fertilizer is a good general-purpose landscape fertilizer. It has a1:1 nitrogen to potassium ratio. It has no phosphorus. And if you select a 15-0-15 fertilizer with 7.5% slow-release nitrogen, you reduce the rapid growth flush that too much nitrogen applied at once can cause. You also reduce the amount of nitrogen that leaches down below the root system and into our groundwater. And you lengthen the amount of time that the plant will be able to utilize the nitrogen from the fertilizer.

Let us help with your fertilizer needs, you may come to the garden center get expert advice and get the fertilizer you need or call our fertilizer & weed /insect control department and have them fertilize and spray for you.   



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